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A LeaderShift is coming. Are you ready?

A LeaderShift is coming. Are you ready?

February 8th, 2013 // 2:09 pm @

Now available for presale!

Pleadershiftcoverlease join us in celebrating Oliver DeMille’s latest work, co-authored with best-selling author and business guru Orrin Woodward — the  soon-to-be released book, LeaderShift: A Call for Americans to Finally Stand Up and Lead, with an on-sale date of April 16, 2013.

This action-packed business fable is the culmination of Orrin and Oliver’s combined expertise and will offer every North American a deeper understanding of the Five Laws of Decline and how the respective effects are becoming increasingly evident in the United States.

LeaderShift will explain this devastating phenomenon in detail, motivate readers to take immediate and precise action and, most importantly, offer guidance on how each individual can contribute to not only stopping, but reversing this crippling trend.

Orrin and Oliver are proud to have LeaderShift published by the prestigious Hachette Book Group (second largest book publishing company in the world) and will hit the mainstream under the Business Plus imprint of one of the country’s most elite book publishing groups. In 2011, Hachette Book Group had a record 182 print books and 62 eBooks on the New York Times bestseller list, 45 of which reached #1.

At the time of this posting, LeaderShift is already rated #38 on Amazon’s sales ranking for Business Leadership titles, and #25 on Barnes and Noble.

Pre-order your copy today! >>


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2 Comments → “A LeaderShift is coming. Are you ready?”

  1. Keith

    11 years ago

    Ordered. I look forward to reading it. I hope to complete The Naked Optimist: A Rescue of Faith this year. For certain, though, Vision Impact Publishing will be releasing another ground breaking book for private reading only.

    A sneak peek is found here… http://samuel.visionimpactpublishing.com/christian-folly-115.html

  2. Camille Dille

    9 years ago

    After studying the 9 resolves in this book, I wondered how it could work if the local communities could not pass a budget without the consent of a certain percentage of the people. Simply put, all local services would shut off until the poeple approved the budget. It’s their money. A truly responsible government would not allow itself to spend the people’s money without their consent. With some effort to figure out the details, it seems like it might work to engage the people.

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