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A State of the 2016 Election Update by Oliver DeMille

A State of the 2016 Election Update by Oliver DeMille

February 29th, 2016 // 5:50 am @


Where does the election stand right now? It’s worth a quick overview. Let’s briefly compare each of the current candidates, why some have caught on and why others are still struggling:


Her supporters like that she’s a long-time promoter of Democratic principles, and women’s issues. They like the historical potential of electing the first female president. They also like that she has long experience on both domestic and foreign policies.

Deal Breaker: “Selfishness.” Progressives and liberals who dislike Clinton frequently suggest that her election seems to be more about “her” than about what the nation needs. “It feels very self-centered, more focused on ‘It’s Hillary’s Turn’ than on improving the country.”


Supporters genuinely like the idea of drastically changing America, providing free college for all, setting a national minimum wage of $15 (and rising), and taking from the 1% (and others) to spread more government programs to the rest of the people.

Deal Breaker: “Can’t Win.” His Achilles heel with many Democratic critics is that they don’t think a socialist can win the White House.


Supporters like that Trump projects strength and vision. They believe he’d quickly fix the economy, eradicate ISIS and make America’s military much stronger, and quickly fix the long-standing problem with illegal immigration. They like that he’s politically incorrect, and that he’s not a politician.

Deal Breaker: “The Jerk Factor.” A lot of voters simply won’t cast their vote for a person who calls names and seems to be consistently on the attack. Many are afraid that he’s a wildcard, that giving him power is very dangerous to America’s future.


Supporters love that he’s strong on the Constitution and a proven conservative. They like that he wants to push back against the Washington Cartel (in both parties) and really return to constitutional principles.

Deal Breaker: “Trust.” A number of Republican critics say they just don’t quite trust him. He comes across a bit slick, wily, tricky. They say: “We like his constitutional views, but we don’t know when he’s telling the truth versus playing politician.”


Supporters believe that his youth, good looks and Hispanic roots make him more highly enticing to the broad voting populace than anyone else running. They like that he’s articulate, appeals to both sides of the electorate, and would likely do well in the swing states during the general election.

Deal Breaker: “Too Much Like Romney.” Many Republican critics worry that Rubio is trying too hard, that he wants to be president so badly that he’ll say anything to try to get voters. They say that he changes a lot from speech to speech and debate to debate—depending on the current audience and what he thinks they want to hear. They see him as too much of a politician.


Supporters like that he’s balanced the U.S. national budget, and also balanced the Ohio budget as governor. They like that he has both government and business leadership experience, and that he consistently avoids calling names and engaging in fights like Trump, Cruz, and Rubio.

Deal Breaker: “Common Core.” He’s shown enough support for Common Core standards and other government-run programs that many conservatives don’t want to vote for him. They also worry that his many years in politics make him too much a part of the establishment, generally progressive and supportive of government.


Supporters love that he’s consistently focused on his message, and has been throughout his entire election. They like that he is classy and doesn’t consistently fight and bicker with other candidates. They really like that he is very strong on the Constitution and conservative principles.

Deal Breaker: “Putin!” A number of Republican critics worry that he won’t stand strongly against Putin, China, ISIS, and other major world challengers. They are concerned that he isn’t a proven leader against enemies or in rallying huge groups of voters for things like major economic change. “Great man; not sure what kind of leader he’d be.”


• What are your thoughts?

• Which of the candidates would be the best president, and why?

I look forward to your comments below.

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18 Comments → “A State of the 2016 Election Update by Oliver DeMille”

  1. Matt Foote

    8 years ago

    The best candidate is still Rand Paul. While he is not “officially” running for the nomination, he is still on the ballot in all states. He also is the only one who is honest, constitutionally consistant, and strong enough to stand up to any opposition. He has shown this by standing up the leadership of his own party when character demanded it.

    One of the great things about living in the United States is that we are not bound by the limited options spoon fed to us by the major political parties. As long as we continue to pay tribute to the letters after someone’s name, we continue to give over our authority and responsibility as citizens to these parties.

  2. Keith Kelsch

    8 years ago

    We do not need a statesman. We need Andrew Jackson, a president who stood against banks and corruption with ruthless independence. Many disliked him because he was not nice and spoke his mind. He could not be bought out and the establishment tried to kill him. Of all the canididates, which one does the establishment hate the most. I would trust in that person more than any other.

  3. Virginia Bennett

    8 years ago

    I like Dr. Carson. I believe he can study every situation to find the answers just as he did as a doctor. He is my favorite candidate. I don’t know if he can win. It sounds right now like Trump is winning in the primaries. I like some things about Trump, but I don’t know what kind of president he will be if he is elected. He does apparently speak his mind no matter who it offends. I don’t know if I like him or not. I have heard really good things about Cruz. I liked Huckabee when he was running, and the last time he ran, I wanted to vote for him. He is also a good man. If I had a choice today I would still vote for Carson. I would never vote for Hillary. She is a traitor in my view and very close to Communist. Bernie is a flat out Communist. I would never vote for a Communist or for anyone to the far left. For a Democrat to get my vote, they would have to be more like Bush Jr. and there are no Democrats like that running these days.

  4. Chris LaBlanc

    8 years ago

    Ben Carson. We need to get back to the roots of our country when it comes to politics. Voting in people who are intelligent when it comes to self education. Have been through the ringer in their life and came out on top through hard work and ethics. Also, he isnt a politician that is the one thing I loved about John Adams he dismissed his a good portion of his cabinet becuase he was sick of their evil and all becuase he wasn’t a politician he did what was right regardless of what it cost him. I would really like to see Carson as president and then have Rand Paul as Vice. I like Rand Paul but he is already a lifer in politics we need to let the people know you do not have to be in the “circle” to get elected as president. Trump is just a scary thought I am not sure he allows his thought to go past his first primitive center in his brain to allow emotional intelligence to come through. Me 2 cents

  5. Tony

    8 years ago

    We need someone who is going to turn the apple cart over and everyone else in the race is establishment except Trump and Carson. I like Rand Paul and wish he was more like his father but any vote at this point that isn’t for Trump is a vote for Clinton. I’m not a republican and neither is Trump. He is not part of any political class. Go to his website and read his policies. Don’t buy into the meme propaganda and actually look at the man as a Leader, Business owner, Entrepeneur. If the conservatives in this nation don’t stop being so fractionated and stop playing the ‘this guy doesn’t stand for everything I want in a candidate so I’m not going to vote for him’ card than we will never get our country back from the hard core socialists that are destroying the nation. Conservatives are lucky Trump sacrificed his blood, sweat, and treasure on an ungrateful nation. He called out the war criminal Bush and Clinton family. He told the truth and has had daily death threats because of it. He will be elected president and probably give his life for it as secret combinations conspire to maintain the current debt and death paradigm. Wake up folks. This guy is our last chance…

  6. Julie Brown

    8 years ago

    Ben Carson is our choice because he learns quick and believes and turns to God for direction.

  7. Jason

    8 years ago

    I’m more than than a little surprised that a man of your background listed such lightweight “dealbreaker” reasons.
    How about telling it like it is, none of them understand, nor promote the proper role of government. …

  8. Tim Beck

    8 years ago

    I too was disappointed that Rand Paul is no longer an active candidate. His best quote during the debates was “I want a government so small you can barely see it.” Unfortunately with Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, it appears that they believe the federal government could never be big enough. Instead of an ever-expanding (deficit-driven) federal government, we need to re-establish fiscal responsibility within the federal government.

  9. Brad Thompson

    8 years ago

    I think Carson is the best pick. He is level headed and has a great message heal and inspire.
    He came from a tough childhood to become a great healer. He loves and respects our constitution. He may not have the political experience but I know he values the team concept and would attract the right staff to advise him. He is truly in this because of his love for this country and feels he was called by God to this mission. My concern is that Trump has mastered the press, stirred up the people that are fed up with government and Ben’s message is not getting out.

  10. Ryan

    8 years ago

    I think this analysis is fairly accurate. I was surprised to see “trust” as the deal breaker for Ted Cruz, however. From what I know about him, Senator Cruz stands up for principle, which helps me trust him. He doesn’t seem to be in politics for the power or prestige.
    For me, trust is the huge deal breaker for Trump. He’s all over the map on his stand on issues. He can hardly be characterized as a conservative. I wish he were running as an independent so he wouldn’t take votes away from real candidates.

  11. Joel Manwill

    8 years ago

    Through the past many years, the legislative branch has abdicated much of it’s authority to the executive and judicial. Hardly anyone is talking about this in this election cycle, outside of the potential nomination of several SCOTUS positions by the new president. I do feel that if there were a presidential candidate, of those that remain in contention, that would take office and be willing to exercise only the constitutionally derived powers of his office, it is most likely Cruz. Perhaps this would force congress to recapture the roles that it has allowed to be usurped by the other branches. The appointment of constitutionally sound SCOTUS judges could also be key in restoring order to the judicial from overstepping. Having said all this, I’m not too optimistic at all that the overwhelming machine that is our federal government will easily change it’s course any time soon, no matter who is in the oval office. Perhaps the better question is how am I having impact locally to ensure that freedom is preserved.

  12. Charlene

    8 years ago

    I agree on all points. After super Tuesday however, it seems evident that Trump is the one with the charisma to pull the country together. A loose cannon he certainly is; for those who know the 4 temperaments, he appears to be predominately choleric or high D. But, I perceive that he is mostly on the side of freedom, with his stand on NSA as a possible exception. He needs the balance of the other temperaments to reign him in. Hopefully he is wise enough to surround himself with a balance of good people. I especially like his stands on the 1st and 2nd amendments. Recent history shows those freedoms to be in serious jeopardy, and Trump just might be the one to pull us off the ledge. He is clearly not perfect, but he has popular appeal and, in my humble opinion, could be a key in taking back our freedom. In order to do that, first one must get elected. The momentum seems to be turning in Trump’s direction.

  13. Chad Palmer

    8 years ago

    I agree with Matt for Rand Paul, unfortunately, he’s not running yet. Ben Carson just dropped out today and Ted Cruz is playing for John Mccain and friends. Reagan was a wildcard too, just smarter in the press. Unless Rand joins the race I’m playing the Trump card. cap

  14. Tom

    8 years ago

    What about Rand Paul!

    He shares many of the strengths of the other candidates but not the weaknesses.

    I think he’d be great @



  15. Matt Foote

    8 years ago

    Tom, I couldn’t agree more. The GOP deserves to lose at this point, and if that what it takes for true conservatives in this country to wake up and get back to what makes America truly great, it would be worth it.

  16. Greg

    8 years ago

    You know Oliver. I considered your evaluation of Rubio but especially Kasich as fair. However, with time we see the true colours. they have ganged up on the other candidates. And Rubio actually encouraging people in Ohio to vote for Kasiach. Rubio knows he can’t win. Kasich knows he can”t win fair and square, so they go for an under handed way to steal they election away from “uneducated, non eliteist aristocracy. A real failure in class and unwillingness to trust the system they subscribe to: the will of the people or let the same old “no term limits polititians” who love all the benefits that no common person has or any that come from all the lobbyists, who should be thrown out, totally removed from our system of government, along with the federal reserve, which has NO reserve and not federal but a cartel of BIG money that should have no business controlling our economy. Look at the shape we’re in. Someone hard nosed is needed. It would be better if they had more class but never forget Ben Franklin and what he was like.

    Just wanted to respond,


  17. Ammon Nelson

    8 years ago

    I like Rand Paul as well, but the fact remains that a majority of America doesn’t care about what the Constitution actually says if it goes against what their emotions tell them, only what it says something that supports their own view. He’s too principled to win a popular election. What he says is almost always exactly on point, and even more relatable than what his father said, but when you get to what is actually good government practice, it doesn’t feel warm and fuzzy, or even “cool” so he has an up-hill battle to win any POTUS election.

    With Trump as the presumptive nominee for the Republican Party, I have a real hard time knowing whether I prefer him over Clinton. They’re both egolomaniacs, obviously more in the race for their own ego than for anything having to do with benefiting the country.

    Currently my only consolation is that I know the ultimate winner in the great debate, which outdates and will outlive anything that happens this election cycle.

  18. Chad Palmer

    8 years ago

    So when is Rand going to announce a campaign and fight for the White House? I don’t even watch the news or read the newspaper or internet posts and I’m getting tired of all the noise about the two parties fighting. Just being on the ballots in all the the states is not enough to win Matt, check the past 20 years for President of the United States. What good is a Trump card if he’s having a bad hair day for 4 to 8 years like Obama. Thanks Mr. DeMille for a safe place to vent and stay informed on the real political news.

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