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Challenges with the Trump Administration?

Challenges with the Trump Administration?

December 27th, 2016 // 7:03 am @

Problems in History

Donald TrumpI recently recommended an article from The Wall Street Journal because it addresses the fact that during the Obama Administration the executive branch greatly expanded its power. Unfortunately, the newsfeed on my iPhone gave me clear access to the article, while those following the link I provided were expected to subscribe to view the content.

My apologies for the inconvenience! I’ll address the issues directly here.

The concern is that the Trump Administration could use this expanded power in ways that continue to hurt the nation—giving more and more power to the executive branch and agencies and further reducing the powers of Congress and the States.

Since the Court has largely supported this increase of presidential and executive-branch power, the problem is growing. The article noted that presidents from both political parties have generally increased executive branch power, and that very few presidents have done anything to curtail it.

Though the article emphasized historical presidents in the early part of the twentieth century, the truth is that nearly all presidents have pushed for increased power to the White House. Clearly FDR emphasized this approach, but so did Eisenhower, Johnson, Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, both Bushes, and Obama. It is unclear whether Trump will do differently.

The American electorate should keep a very close eye on this.

Future Watch

Another challenge is that these same presidents tended to simultaneously decrease the power of the States while increasing the power of executive branch agencies, officials, and bureaucracies. The Trump Administration may or may not follow this damaging pattern.

The American citizenry needs to keep a close eye on these two very important issues in the new Administration:

  • Keeping the executive branch firmly within its Constitutional limits in its dealings with Congress
  • Keeping the executive branch from further degrading the powers of the States

These are vital issues, and they are currently quite perilous. The Trump Administration will hopefully take the right approach on this, but it is ultimately the responsibility of the people to ensure that freedom is maintained. Whoever you supported during the elections, these two issues are very important for the next four years–and beyond.

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One Comment → “Challenges with the Trump Administration?”

  1. Claudia Howell

    7 years ago

    SO far Trump has only done what Obama did regarding refugees. For instance, Obama stopped all immigration from Syria for six months, with only a handful of peple let in here. Trump wants 120 days to set up vetting in the same seven countries that Obama listed, for the reason that there is no formal embassy or government to vet anyone nor provide visas,etc. Now the country is in an uproar…but were silent,ignorant of Obama’s degree on Syria. Everyon has awakened to the threats of big, unbridled government…but WHERE was everyone on oversite for the past 8 years? Today I saw news complaining about Trump lifestyle, and cost to citizens, but no mention of the most recent 85 million Dollar vacations the Obama’s enjoyed. It’s like the watchdog finally woke up….and is biting the master,after the fact. Trump gave up everything to try to help us. The government has in white papers for the military to put us in subjection as a clean up operation after the instigators bring us to disarray. WHo do you not start requiring the seditious Soros to be addressed and prohibited from spreading sedition, and the new 30,000 Alinksyites that Obama has ready to go with other groups to fail the nation. Right now I think Trump is not your problem…Try the last head of CIA who was a confirmed muslim, and before that a card carrying communist? WORRY, but not about Trump! Thanks. Other than that, you are a great asset and pleasure in your work. Keep it up. We need people like you so much.

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